“I will not feel, I will not
feel, until
I have to.”
— Norman McCaig, “Visiting Hour”

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Gorgeous skies tonight on my ride home. <3 (at Steel Bridge)

Like I said, dinner.

My little baby is getting so big! Practicing some hands-free snake time tonight before dinner.

Easy way to extend the benefits of retail therapy: shop online to experience the thrill of the hunt, then receive your order a week later to feel the satisfaction of having caught your prey. Much more rewarding than instant gratification. #allblackeverything

I am what happens when you combine goth and geek. It’s so easy, too. Let me show you the way… (at Bridge City Comics)

This pastel pink spiked dog collar is definitely one of the stranger things I’ve found in a free box in a while. (at Old Town / Chinatown)